Total cost of ownership (TCO)

Managing your bottom line and increasing productivity are key priorities for any healthcare organization.

A2U makes it easy with our total cost of ownership (TCO) custom assessment. This tool provides an all-inclusive cost evaluation of the technology and services across your entire enterprise, revealing critical insights including:

  • Cost-per-seat of your workstations
  • Total cost of workstation support
  • Typical time to productivity
  • Security risk and employee impact
  • Technology-related hindrances to employee productivity
  • Risks of business interruptions due to security vulnerabilities

This in-depth assessment of your IT infrastructure and supporting practices uncovers opportunities for lowering cost-of-operating expenses and overall energy consumption.

On average, A2U customers see a 50% cost savings across software, hardware, server, power and support. Learn more about how we collaborate with partners like IGEL to save businesses millions of dollars, without ripping out and replacing existing endpoints.

Imagine the possibilities.

Partnering with A2U as your trusted advisor, you can use your personalized TCO evaluation to make informed decisions for enhancing infrastructure, improving security and optimizing energy flow in the immediate future and beyond. With our healthcare IT expertise, we can help you start maximizing your ROI today.

Start maximizing your ROI today