With an ever-present risk of IT security threats in today’s healthcare landscape, advanced security solutions are essential for protecting your organization. A2U partners only with best-in-class technology vendors to help mitigate that risk and keep your data, users and applications safe.

Optimize security 24/7 with A2U’s robust security solutions:

  • Single sign on
  • Email security, compliance and backups
  • 2 factor authentication/EPCS
  • Identity governance
  • Mobile device management
  • Mobile application management
  • End point protection
  • Antivirus management
  • Network monitoring
  • Cloud security

Our healthcare IT specialists are experts in identifying security threats, from preventative risk mitigation and network monitoring to targeted troubleshooting and fast resolution strategies.

Every organization in every industry is implementing a series of security controls to maintain the health and compliance of the enterprise. This asserts more visibility into risks and threats and equips the organization to more proactively and effectively respond to threats in the modern age. Click here to explore penetration testing or discuss other security offerings.

In the unfortunate event of an attack, A2U’s security solutions can save the day.

Discover how A2U helped get one healthcare organization’s finance department back up and running within a few hours following a malware cyberattack that crippled the hospital’s mission-critical PCs.