The business of caring is expensive.

Did you know that healthcare costs in the U.S. have skyrocketed to an average of $8,000+ per person each year?

Staffing, overtime and use of supplies are all factors in calculating the cost per patient day. Healthcare providers can’t remain financially viable if the cost of providing a service is greater than the reimbursement.

With the right technology in place, hospitals can turn a laser focus on efficiently managing their bottom line.

Your Partner in Healthcare IT

Technology is changing the future (and face) of healthcare. A2U provides HIPAA-compliant healthcare IT solutions for providers ranging from large hospitals to rural medical centers that reduce costs and improve care by:

  • Helping you understand the role of technology in driving business forward
  • Leveraging new technology to assist in improving patient care
  • Protecting your data from potential risks and threats

When healthcare providers have access to complete and accurate information around care costs, patients receive better care and those providers improve efficiencies.