Why should accountants choose A2U as a service provider?

Did you know more than 30 percent of accountants recently ranked “technology issues” as a top concern?

When you think about the complexity of keeping your data secure, maintaining software and increasing efficiency – it can make for an IT headache.

“Using Applications2U for desktop hosting allows me to have peace of mind knowing that the backing up of critical data is happening regularly – and the backups aren’t reliant on my remembering one more thing to do in the middle of tax season,” said Wil Stunkel, CPA, Stunkel Tax & Accounting, PC.

Let’s face it: choosing a cloud provider can be another “technology issue” that’s no easy feat. The reality is you can’t trust sensitive data in just anyone’s hands. There’s a mile-long list of providers to choose from – ranging from startups to 800-pound gorillas like AWS.

Today, the question for accountants is no longer “Should I move to the cloud?” It’s “What cloud is best for my business?”

Over the past 14 years, our team has been solving IT problems for accountants. Below, is why many accountants believe the A2U cloud is the best choice for their business.

  • Guaranteed uptime.
  • Remote and on demand customer support 24 x 7 x 365.

“We understand that downtime is costly to any business, particularly for our accounting customers and especially during tax season.  For this reason, we ensure that a stable environment with guaranteed uptime is available,” said Michael Esposito, A2U COO.

  • No third party provider, which means A2U can address your needs faster – even during tax season.
  • Access to the system and applications is available from anywhere at any time, allowing accountants to be mobile and service clients anywhere they have access to the internet.

“We [accountants] need to not be tied to our office. There is no reason we should have to miss time with family if we can make work bend around the times we need to be somewhere else. It allows me to work remotely and in a more family-friendly way than if I was tied down to my office,” said Stunkel.

  • Nightly, incremental backups are performed as well as a full weekly back up. This process provides an additional layer of comfort to our customers as it allows A2U the ability to restore files which may have been inadvertently deleted or lost by the customer and retrieved dating back for a period of up to 30 days. All backups are done by A2U and performed nightly.  If you need to access a file you accidently deleted weeks ago, A2U techs can go back (up to 30 days) to retrieve it for you.
  • A2U provides accountants with a more secure connection and better protection of their data. This is achieved by using Citrix (world leader in virtual desktops) to deliver your virtual desktop via the internet.

While shopping around for service providers, many accountants say they chose A2U due to the set of IT services provided all under one roof and the high level of security and mobility that the A2U Cloud offers.

“It is a one-stop shop that offers better resources to our clients than the standard, remote desktop. Two features we especially like are dual screens and alt tab functioning between multiple work papers,” said Jim Dziedzina, CPA.

“I could not run my practice as efficiently without the hosted desktop service offered by A2U. I have recommended A2U to everyone, even those that think that having a server on site is the way to go,” said Jeff Schneider, EA, CTRS, NTPI Fellow.

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