Virtual Teaming: 5 Tech Tips to Make Remote Work Productive (and Fun)

Work environments look incredibly different than they did just a month or so ago. And they have continued to change weekly as companies adapt and rethink their strategies to ensure business continuity.

During this unprecedented time, people are craving information and connection. There are plenty of technologies and tools out there that can help your shift to a remote work environment, but here are some of the favorites in our toolbox.

Below, is a list of five technology tips you can use to hone in on your teambuilding and engagement while working from home:

1) Share files easily

A high-touch environment is essential right now. As with many work from home (WFH) infrastructure shifts, the keys to adding new digital tools to the mix are quick, easy implementation and user friendliness. File sharing software, like Citrix Sharefile and SharePoint, can really boost your team’s productivity because they make it simple to plan, create and execute together.

Our partner IGEL has had success using a SharePoint site for their employees, as well as leveraging their own technologies, including the UD Pocket to move teams to work from home. With ease of access and information sharing, you will increase collaboration among your team and help keep them focused.

2) Create digital workspaces

Beyond file sharing, it’s helpful to create digital spaces for your team to communicate around work projects. Digital workspaces on platforms like WebEx Teams and Microsoft Teams give your team an efficient way to stay instantly connected and share messages and images. This provides an opportunity for people to contribute to different channels for discussions about work, pandemic concerns and lighthearted social conversations.

3) Encourage video use

People are missing in-person interaction right now, so encouraging your team to turn on their cameras in virtual meetings can automatically add a level of familiarity and connection to team and customer calls. And since much of our face-to-face communication for now will happen through video, being mindful of your video quality can make the experience more pleasant for everyone and ensure that you’re being understood by your colleagues.

New to WebEx? Check out these videos from A2U Technical Specialist Rob Delaney on how to join and host a WebEx meeting.

Also, click here to watch a brief video from a former news correspondent to learn a few steps you can take – like changing your lighting – to improve the look and sound of your video conferencing.

4) Create a hashtag or competition

Since social distancing and stay-at-home orders began, many new social challenges have gone viral, like #See10Do10. Whether it’s for employees or external audiences, consider creating your own hashtag. We’ve tried ones like #SeeMeSeeYou and #You’reI.T. to encourage our employees to share pictures from their WFH environment or daily dose of crazy. You could even create a company-wide digital contest that encourages friendly competition, like trivia or digital scavenger hunting. We’ve found that fun, silly social activities like these have been a great way to build team spirit and boost morale.

5) Virtual happy hours, coffee breaks and more

A2U recently hosted a virtual dinner night with coordinated pizza delivery for every employee and their families (see photo below). We’re also meeting up for a weekly, virtual happy hour on Thursday evenings which has been a great opportunity for team members to connect and share stories.


As you experiment with different ideas, technologies and tools to keep your teams engaged and customers happy, we’d love to hear about them. Email to share what’s working for you.

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