Corner Office in the Clouds – Virtualizing Your Office

Getting a corner office up in the clouds has a whole new meaning these days.  More and more business owners are utilizing cloud technology to gain mobility and cut technology costs.  But, how do you know if a virtual office is right for your small business?

5 reasons to virtualize your office

  1. Reduce Costs: the purchase of hardware, software, the upgrades, and IT staff time can all be reduced by using a virtual office solution.
  2. Accessibility: wouldn’t it be great to have access to your business documents, software programs, email, etc from anywhere, on any device, anytime you needed?  With a virtual office using a hosted virtual desktop solution this kind of mobility can be realized.
  3. Security: by hosting your applications, data, documents, etc in the cloud you gain added layers of security, daily back ups and data recovery.
  4. Boost Performance:  a virtual office means employees can work from home or while traveling which results in increased productivity and better customer service.  Plus, happier employees that wouldn’t mind ditching the commute to work from home.
  5. Time-savings: would you and your employees save valuable time if you could get to your data and applications any time of the day?  And how about if you could spend the time spent on troubleshooting technology issues growing your business instead?

Really any of the above reasons is good enough, but ask yourself wouldn’t you like to take advantage of a Virtual Office all of these reasons?