The Holistic Approach to Cloud Computing

At Applications2U (A2U) we are committed to providing our clients with a holistic approach to cloud computing. Taking a holistic approach to cloud implementation means considering the people, processes and technology involved. This approach will ensure the A2U Cloud has a positive impact on your business for years to come.

To help companies determine a secure path to cloud computing, Applications2U has created a simple approach.

Think Holistically
“You have to think about cloud computing holistically,” says Michael Esposito, Vice President at A2U. “It’s about looking at the big picture rather than narrow functional requirements.” Simply put, careful focus needs to be placed on the who, the what and the how of cloud in order to get to the benefits of a successful cloud.

To help get a holistic view, here’s a look at the big three – People, Processes and Technology:

  1. The Who: People To be able to implement the A2U Cloud successfully, we must think about the users. Who are they? What type of cloud services do they need? The requirements of both business and technical users must be considered – a developer is likely to have far broader and more complex cloud service requirements than a sales user. IT engineers also need to consider the level of empowerment they will deliver to their end users – and whether their cloud management platform is flexible enough to support that empowerment. Implementing the A2U Cloud requires the familiarization of your organization and A2U takes the necessary time to do so in order to understand the needs of the diverse users and how their needs will change over time.
  2. The What: Process Now, the fun really begins; defining what processes must be implemented to drive user satisfaction and ensure the A2U Cloud works for the business – and not the other way around. The processes around ensuring the A2U Cloud conforms to the same security, auditing and regulatory and operational compliance standards of traditional IT – and that these management elements can be automated during cloud provision – must be defined. Additionally, defining processes related to managing the performance of cloud services and the capacity of cloud resources across both private and public clouds are essential, so that cloud availability and cost can be optimized.
  3. The How: Technology Of course, no matter how much work is done around defining the people and processes, it will mean nothing without the enablement of the A2U Cloud technology. The A2U Cloud cannot be a bolt-on IT initiative – it needs to integrate across existing IT systems and processes, including processes such as change management and testing. For peace of mind around future proofing the A2U Cloud, keep in mind that the A2U Cloud works across a broad range of underlying cloud resources – from physical to virtual servers to different storage and network providers to converged infrastructures.

Who, What, How. People, Processes, Technology.  Taking a holistic approach to cloud implementation will ensure the A2U Cloud has a positive impact on your business for many years to come.

At A2U, we work with you and your business to develop the framework needed to be considered in order to develop a strategy and plan for your organization.

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