Client Feature: JBM Insurance Group

Business is all about the customer. They’re the most important person in the room. At Applications2U (A2U), we understand this and are dedicated to improving customer satisfaction for your business – leveraging the A2U Cloud with the agility, mobility and flexibility required in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. James B. Murdoch Insurance Group, an independent insurance agency, had a problem familiar to many companies: Customer service.

Client Feature: Kattan Ferretti Insurance

Kattan Ferretti Insurance, Pittsburgh’s largest Erie Insurance Agent with over 10,000 policies, chose Applications2U for cloud hosting and IT support to keep client data safe and allow employees to work remotely.

Can Small Companies Use Big Company Cloud Technology?

In a word, yes.  The fact that small companies can have a similar IT infrastructure to a large company is one of the beauties of cloud-based IT solutions.  Cloud technology is a more than burgeoning industry; it’s an explosive growth industry.  And we know that because we are in the industry, but head on down to…