Device Technology Gives Virtual Desktops A Boost

With new devices like Surface and existing ones like iPad, Kindle Fire, and Galaxy Note the need for a company’s employees to access desktop-based software applications like the Microsoft Office Suite on the go is giving virtual desktop applications a bump in priority.

Is Your IT Director Missing The Cloud Technology Boat?

It’s a common story these days at a growing company, the IT director is running around the office putting out technology fires all day. Their day is filled with purchasing hardware, monitoring server usage, setting up new employees, checking on the security of data, providing customer support, and so on.

Can Small Companies Use Big Company Cloud Technology?

In a word, yes.  The fact that small companies can have a similar IT infrastructure to a large company is one of the beauties of cloud-based IT solutions.  Cloud technology is a more than burgeoning industry; it’s an explosive growth industry.  And we know that because we are in the industry, but head on down to…