Can Small Companies Use Big Company Cloud Technology?

In a word, yes.  The fact that small companies can have a similar IT infrastructure to a large company is one of the beauties of cloud-based IT solutions.  Cloud technology is a more than burgeoning industry; it’s an explosive growth industry.  And we know that because we are in the industry, but head on down to main street America and your average small business owner hears ‘cloud’ and thinks about their iPhone being backed up by this infamous cloud.  They may not understand the implications for their small business.

But the fact is, small to mid-sized businesses adopting cloud technology is one of the main reasons the industry is growing so rapidly according to a professional study done by KPMG earlier this year.

Reasons why SMBs Gain Advantage with Cloud Technologies:

  • Flexibility: Compared to a structured less flexible big company, it’s easier for a smaller, nimble organization to bring on new technology framework.
  • Pricing: An on-demand pricing model appeals to the growing company still refining its business.
  • Productivity: Workers are able to access documents, data and applications from any Internet-connected device leading to increased productivity.
  • Support: many cloud providers offer round-the-clock cloud support which is a perk for most SMBs who may not have a dedicated person to handle technology issues.

Small business owners can gain serious efficiency and cost savings through cloud-based solutions such as a virtually hosted desktop.  Take for instance a busy accounting firm with six employees.  CPAs typically use a desktop-based accounting software, like Quickbooks, LaCerte or Peachtree.  During the busy tax season, wouldn’t it be nice if those six employees could provide support to customers after the workday without having to stay at the office?  Sure it would!  And having this kind of infrastructure setup is akin to the systems that the very large accounting firms have in place.

Several of our clients take advantage of virtual desktops with the key software programs they use hosted in the cloud.  They are able to handle questions from their customers round-the-clock if they choose, increasing client communication response time as well as customer retention.

Bottom line, cloud-based solutions for a small business can save time and money.  Is your small business taking advantage of the cloud?