Shay Russe- A beloved team member’s lasting legacy

For many folks who take on a new job, within a new company, and in a new state, it typically takes a while to get settled into the role, develop relationships and make a meaningful impact. Not for Shay Russe.

Shay joined our A2U family earlier this year as Director of IT Operations and Delivery, bringing an impressive two decades of IT experience with him. We were thrilled to welcome him, and almost instantly, he became an asset to the team. His enthusiasm, ambition, charisma and sincerity were magnetic, and he quickly created a positive impact on team members and customers alike.

We never could have imagined that he would be with us so briefly. The recent news of Shay’s sudden passing was devastating. Our hearts are heavy with the loss of our dear colleague and friend. He had become such an integral member of our team, and he will certainly be missed.

These reflections from some of our team members offer a glimpse into Shay’s positive impact:

“It has been a difficult couple of weeks carrying the loss of our friend and colleague Shay Russe. It’s hard put into words what Shay’s presence and friendship has meant to A2U, and to me.

Although he joined us just this year, it feels like he’s been part of our team for three years – that’s how easily he meshed with everyone and how well we came to know him. Shay left his mark on all of us, changing us and the way we do business for the better. His strategy will continue to be utilized, and his impact will be seen for years to come. Grateful as I am to have had a man of his caliber on our team, I am even more honored to have built a great friendship with him. He will be missed.” (Dan Dillman, CEO)

“I met Shay during the single most discouraging and uncertain time in my career to date. It was at the end of our very first conversation when he told me “I want to change the world” and invited me to be a part of this that I knew I was making the right decision, all anxiety faded, and I knew I would be right at home as a part of his team.” (Josh Laughery, Solutions Analyst)

“Shay loved going to baseball games. When he first started with A2U, he and I went to a game together. We had an entire section to ourselves. A foul ball was hit into our section and we both laughed because nobody else was around to get it. Shay was more about the experience so it led to me going home with a foul ball.” (Cliff Miller, CTO)

“Shay was instantly unforgettable. He had fun quirks like yelling ‘Hooyah’ when the office was too quiet or playing an entire round of golf with just a driver and a putter. He will be missed, but his presence will always be here.” (Michelle Page, Business Manager)

We will celebrate Shay’s legacy for years to come and be forever grateful for everything he has taught us. We are better for having known him.