Podcast with IT Engineering: Fighting the war against downtime, cranky machines

Every week, and especially during Customer Service Week – our hats are off to this amazing team for all that they do! That’s why in this blog post, we’re featuring the IT Engineering team as part of this month’s “Employee Spotlight.”

Instead of cracking under pressure, this superhero-team is hard at it for A2U customers all through the day and during after-hours downtimes – fighting off hackers, protecting data, playing with cranky machines and delivering the fastest technology solutions in town. customerserviceweekpic

Today, we live in an always-on world that’s powered by information technology (IT). The increased demand for IT services combined with working at the fastest growing technology company in Pittsburgh, A2U’s IT Engineering team can’t stop, won’t stop providing 24/7 support to our customers.

In celebration of Customer Service Week, check out this podcast featuring John Faigley, IT Operations Manager; Brandon Arbes, Support Analyst; Michael Wagner, Systems Analyst; and Nick Sciullo, Support Analyst. This group sheds light on a day-in-the-life working in IT customer service, as well as shares their favorite part about the job.


Aside from being a computer whiz, the team agrees that problem solving, critical thinking, communication and a positive attitude are all key skills to hone as a customer service representative.


“There’s a correlation between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. That’s why we try to keep our customer service team engaged with continued training, current technology and recognition for a job well done,” said John Faigley, IT Operations Manager.


Providing excellent customer service is a top priority for A2U and our brand promise is to offer a trusted-advisor approach.

Pictured above are members of IT Engineering Team who make up the A2U Help Desk.

Pictured above are members of the IT Engineering department.

Whether it was a password reset or server maintenance – if you’re a customer who wants to share a story about a time when you reached out to the A2U Help Desk for support, email us at marketingteam@a2u.net.