Local tech community hears from White House senior technology advisors in advance of $300M in funding announced at Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh

“Thinks big. Dreams big.”

“Pittsburgh’s roots run deep in innovation and it’s been a driving force in technology.”

These are the words from White House senior technology advisors used to describe the city of Pittsburgh.


Yesterday, Applications2U joined the area’s technology companies and leaders for a Pittsburgh Technology Council meeting at the Carnegie Science Center. Dr. John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and Megan Smith, U.S. CTO discussed new funding that will continue the administration’s ongoing effort to “push the boundaries of innovation.”

“The technology community in Pittsburgh plays a leading role in the future of technology and innovation nationally and globally. A2U is very happy to be part of that entrepreneurial, forward-thinking narrative,” said Dan Dillman, CEO, Applications2U.

Today in Pittsburgh, President Barack Obama will host the first-ever White House Frontiers Conference, which spotlights innovation in tech, medicine and sciences. Most importantly, about $300 million in research funding will be announced at the technology conference.white-house-event_mingling-pic

The conference will cover five frontiers of innovation and welcome top researchers, business leaders and technologists.

“We are energized by all the technology growth that’s being celebrated in Pittsburgh this week and we look forward to sharing some exciting news around growth, as well as new services at our company this year,” said Dillman.