Why Join the Applications2U Cloud: Reliability

Why Join the Applications2U Cloud: Reliability


Dependable. Reliable. Cloud. At Applications2U, we promise advanced reliability to protect our clients’ data. For companies who are new to cloud solutions, there are many “what ifs.”  What if there’s a technical issue on the other end, and their data simply disappears? What if their accounts are hacked? – as evidenced in the recent celebrity photos iCloud data breach.

The reality is that the cloud actually provides more reliability than conventional hardware configurations. Hard drives are expensive, and all of the main storage devices require backups, and the smartest companies keep backups of their backups. Data can become corrupted even while a device isn’t in use; it requires constant testing and upkeep to ensure that important documents are available when needed, and more in-house IT workers need to be kept on payroll to tend to the hardware and prevent security breaches.

According to Dan Dillman, President/CEO of Applications2U, “Applications2U offers cloud hosting solutions that not only have the latest technology, the latest firewalls, the best data center [Expedient] with the highest level of redundancy possible, but we also apply multiple layers of in-depth defense that the average business cannot provide.”

Applications2U has systems that are built in layers and we always keep more than one copy of our customers’ data. That means that if one server goes down or a hard drive goes bad, there’s always a backup ready to go online. This translates to smooth, uninterrupted service for our customers, and a higher standard of reliability than even the best on-site hardware can offer. For companies that need to keep large amounts of data safe and accessible, cloud computing offers the best solution currently available.

At Applications2U, we make it our priority to provide reliable services for our clients’ data and applications. Our clients’ information is stored and managed in an enterprise-class facility with full redundancy and 99.99% systems availability. “Full redundancy” means that the critical components of the system, including functions of systems, are duplicated in the form of a backup or failsafe.  99.99% systems availability is a product of this redundancy. Availability refers to a user’s ability to access or use the system.  All of our hardware is fully redundant from the core to the edge, including storage, servers and networking devices. At the application layer, high availability is achieved through the use of layer 7 load balancers and redundant systems with application aware, failover capabilities.

The upshot of all of this is that the user almost never encounters an error, and therefore almost never encounters downtime. This is important for all of our clients, regardless of the size or industry –   whether you need to host an application, store data, or access networking devices. Joining the Applications2U cloud means that downtime of data storage, network access, and application hosting will never again be an issue for your business.

A key reason why we are able to offer this reliability is our colocation facility. All of our systems are co-located at Expedient, an industry-leading colocation facility with more than eight data centers across the United States. Expedient data centers are SSAE-16 audited, which means that all of their processes meet standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Expedient is equipped with full power redundancy with underground, dual-fed electrical systems, advanced fire, electrical and mechanical monitoring systems, and three separate internet service providers.

The Applications2U cloud hinges on 4 major tenants: reliability, security, mobility, and cost savings.  Stay tuned to the Applications2U blog for upcoming features on the rest of these reasons to join the Applications2U cloud.

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