How to Enable Multi-factor (nFactor) Authentication for WFH Users with Your Citrix ADC

With an increased demand for expanded mobile access in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are struggling with how to configure multi-factor (nFactor) authentication for external users. That’s why we put together this guide for you, outlining the steps to configure nFactor authentication.

First, the primary entity used for nFactor authentication is called a login schema, which specifies an authentication schema XML file that defines the manner in which the login form will be rendered. Create the authentication schema XML file(s) considering the interaction that the user must have when logging in to the application.

Then, you must associate the XML file(s) with login schema(s). You can also specify expressions to extract the user name and the password from the login form.

Once the login schemas are configured, you must specify the manner in which they must be invoked. A login schema can be invoked by using either a login schema policy or an authentication policy label.

As another resource on this topic, watch this video from A2U Technical Specialist, Jamar Tyler.

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