HIMSS19: A short recap of A2U team highlights

A few weeks ago, members of our executive team and healthcare account managers attended HIMSS19 and brought back insight around new HIT developments as well as, shared perspective from keynote speakers and sessions.

The theme was innovation. Innovation driven by technology will continue to yield improvements and disruption. And, there’s a clear and stronger push towards value-based care. Virtual reality, IoT and artificial intelligence – emerging technologies – were all over the showroom floor, and hot topics like “patient-empowered,” “interoperability” and “consumer-centric” dominated conversation.

Scroll down to see a recap of A2U’s HIMSS19 highlights –

Single-sign-on digital workspace

Through A2U’s partnership and by leveraging Citrix technologies, health system WellSpan Health rolled out an intelligent digital workspace through which more than 1,500 doctors and clinicians across eight hospitals can access the applications and information they need to do their jobs – anywhere, anytime.

As quoted in Healthcare IT News, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of WellSpan Health Mick Murphy said, “At WellSpan, we realize that time is precious and every second counts. That’s why we are committed to providing our doctors and clinicians with innovative solutions that enable them to make intelligent decisions in real time and deliver optimal outcomes for the patients they serve.”

To learn more about Citrix Digital Workspace – a hot topic at the conference – you can explore some of the key use cases for it here and click here to download a free Citrix mobility kit.

More women in HIT leadership

This year more than ever, we noticed more female leaders represented at the conference. Some of the biggest names at HIMSS19 week contributing to everyday-innovation and change were Lisa Simpson, CEO of AcademyHealth; Susan DeVore, CEO of Premier and many of the voices that have been featured on the podcast HIT Like A Girl.

Purpose-built solutions

Imprivata, a technology that A2U partners with was a highlight of HIMSS19. This technology streamlines clinical workflows by offering multifactor authentication solutions. In product demonstrations, customer testimonials and partner collaborations, Imprivata showcased purpose-built solutions such as Imprivata OneSign and Imprivata Confirm ID for EPCS. In addition, HIMSS19 attendees got a close look at Imprivata Proximity Aware, healthcare’s only solution that leverages the power of Bluetooth to secure PHI on shared workstations without disrupting clinical workflow.

The beauty of invisible tech

It’s all about experience. Big and small healthcare organizations alike are improving the patient and clinician experience they deliver because if they don’t, they risk losing consumers and employees. The goal is for IT to be seamless, to provide such a smooth end-user experience that the clinician doesn’t even notice it’s there. If a clinician can’t get fast access to a patient record or is unable to access applications and information they need to do their job – those flaws in technology are visible and negatively impact the experience.

If you couldn’t make HIMSS19 and want to get a complete look at what you missed, Healthcare IT News offers a great recap here.

As leaders in delivering healthcare IT solutions, A2U is proud to be one of the innovators shaping the future of the industry and solving pain points for providers every day.

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