Client Feature: Ephrata Community Hospital

Client Feature: Ephrata Community Hospital

ephrata-community-hospitalLast year, Ephrata Community Hospital recognized the need to further develop their IT infrastructure to address increasing demand and new technologies in health care. Committed to assuring community access to health care that is high in quality, compassionate, and cost-effective, Ephrata Community Hospital is noted for its distinct ability to combine medical technology with friendly, personal care that the community has come to expect. “We needed to maintain this mantra, but operational issues became overwhelming. We knew we needed to upgrade our systems. We just didn’t know how to design what we needed. That led us to meet with Dan Dillman and the Applications2U team,” says Robert Stauffer, Director of Network Systems at Ephrata Community Hospital.

“Applications2U is a Citrix Platinum Consulting Partner, so Dan came highly recommended. His approach to understanding the environment was something we hadn’t seen before. All of the companies we had come across prior to Applications2U had a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. ‘We hear what you’re saying, but that’s not what we’re going to give you.’ But Dan came from the support side of Citrix. He understood the bigger picture.”

“We needed a customized solution,” says Stauffer. “And that’s exactly what Applications2U was able to give us.” With a proven record of creating powerful, highly secure and available systems specifically for the health care industry, Applications2U delivered solutions that were scalable, flexible, and able to integrate with other systems to form a more effective whole.

According to Stauffer, this approach moved the project ahead more quickly and allowed for innovative approaches to complex requirements. “It’s easy to upgrade, but it’s difficult to do what the customer wants. Prior to February we would have 50% failure on services every day. Since Applications2U implemented our new IT infrastructure, failure has been virtually non-existent.”

Applications2U is committed to bringing innovative health care technology solutions and superior service. “We are happy and confident with the continued support that Applications2U provides,” says Stauffer.

“Ephrata needed best-in-class IT solutions, and we were pleased to support the Ephrata team. Technology is evolving rapidly and at Applications2U we strive to make things better for our customers in everything that we do. Adopting technological advances at an early stage and providing practical solutions are the key measures to our success,” says Dan Dillman, President/CEO at Applications2U.

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