Client Feature: Creehan & Company

Applications2U Client Feature: Creehan & Company

creehan & company

Creehan & Company is a Pittsburgh-based company that develops specialty software for pharmacies and healthcare clients. With their market niche falling at the intersection of two fields with small margin for error—medicine and technology—it is of the utmost importance for Creehan & Company not to have any problems with their Citrix environment. While Creehan & Company, which has been operating for over 20 years, has a long-standing relationship with Applications2U consulting, there is one particular instance that sticks out in the mind of Creehan & Company technical architect Jim Tesauro. According to Tesauro, Applications2U went above and beyond to help make sure Citrix was running smoothly for their operations.

“One night, Applications2U was hosting a Citrix event for their clients in a luxury box at a Pittsburgh Penguins Game.  I caught up with [Applications2U CEO] Dan Dillman and I told him that I was having an issue with our Citrix environment.  As soon as the game was over, Dan came to our offices and sat with our group through the night to fix the problem,” says Tesauro. “And even after that he sent one of his employees here to sit with us through the following night to make sure everything was running smoothly again.”

Creehan & Company builds the software in-house and hosts all of the software as well.  They knew it was important to find somebody they could trust when it was time to upgrade their Citrix environment. That was when they first turned to Applications2U. “When we were looking to upgrade our Citrix environment, we realized we needed some help. After doing some research, we found Applications2U to be the most highly recommended company that we could find,” says Tesauro.  “[Applications2U] helped us lay out our new Citrix environment. They built it out and then we bought a block of hours for long-term support. They’ve helped us out a lot from day one.”

Applications2U’s consulting arm is able to offer virtualization solutions for companies across Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Eastern Ohio. In addition to simply helping lay out and implement new Citrix environments, Applications2U offers blocks of hours for support that can be purchased by clients in case of other issues down the road. Beyond Citrix, Applications2U is able to help consult on a number of different IT fronts as well. These IT solutions ended up being very useful for Creehan & Company.

“Outside of Citrix, Applications2U is also helping us with IT consulting by upgrading our active directory. They work with us on other products and we look to them for consulting any time we’re looking for a third party computing product,” Tesauro says.

“Applications2U is a Citrix Platinum Consulting Partner, so they come highly recommended both by Citrix themselves and by clients such as Creehan & Company.  I would highly recommend them.  We actually try to get them involved with some of our clients,” Tesauro says. “We prefer to work with them and they know our business and anybody who is doing what we do.  It definitely helps to bring them in.  They have the knowledge.  Even without the personal relationship that they provide, I would recommend them because they are willing to do anything they can help us out.”

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