Is Your IT Director Missing The Cloud Technology Boat?

It’s a common story these days at a growing company, the IT director is running around the office putting out technology fires all day.  Their day is filled with purchasing hardware, monitoring server usage, setting up new employees, checking on the security of data, providing customer support, and so on.

While they are bogged down in the details of it all, they may be missing out on potential cost savings for the company and time savings for themselves.  The following illustration highlights the potential for decreased IT spending by using a cloud-based technology solution.  The illustration is based on information we gathered from a real company based in Pittsburgh, PA with 50 employees on the network.  The example could be applied to a company of any size though.

Cloud Technology Comparison Chart

Want to see the cloud technology cost comparison up close?  Download the full document here: A2U Cost Comparison

Bottom-line: cloud technology such as Virtual Desktops are saving companies money and increasing efficiency.  It’s worth learning more, don’t you think?