Client Feature: Stunkel Tax & Accounting

Wil-Stunkel-AccountingMeet current Application2U client Wil Stunkel, of Stunkel Tax & Accounting. Wil specializes in working with small business owners, giving clients the attention and analysis they want while helping to increase their income utilizing a budget-oriented, flat fee agreement.  His firm offers a range of services to businesses, including accounting advice, tax preparation, payroll processing, CFO services, non-profit organization consulting, QuickBooks services, retirement and estate planning, and IRS problem resolution, and more!

When Wil decided to start his own business, he wanted to be able to access his work files from different locations. Stunkel Tax & Accounting is a paperless, remote business.  Although he has an office location, he is able to work from home, from client sites, and from anywhere else he needs.  Wil’s dedication to remote business was not without its challenges.   He would lose tons of time transferring files between thumb drives, remote servers, and desktops, and even more time reformatting files for usability on each different platform.  When Wil’s company started growing, the challenges of transferring files on thumb drives came to a head.   He needed to have employees working on the same projects simultaneously and accessing files remotely without meeting in person. The thumb drive method just couldn’t cut it anymore. This is where Application2U came into the picture.

At this crucial juncture of his business, Wil subscribed to the Application2U cloud hosting solution, and it immediately made the lives of Wil and his colleagues much easier.

“Now I can work on things in real time and not have to worry about moving them around,” Wil told us. “Its right there and accessible.”

Since getting on board with Applications2U, Wil no longer has to worry about whose turn it was to work on something, or what to do if a client needed access to a file that was on a colleague’s flash drive.  This was especially helpful for him during tax season.  In an accounting firm, just as in most businesses, there are hard deadlines that need to be met, and being able to work via the cloud has allowed Stunkel Tax & Accounting to meet their deadlines more easily.

The transition to cloud storage was not without its hiccups, but with the help of the Application2U support team, Wil was able to make the transition easily.  He told us about a time that he accidentally locked up his session after business hours on a Friday when the support team saved the day within 20 minutes.

“I’d have been unable to do pretty much anything all weekend,” Wil told us, “but I was able to get the client’s work done because the support team got everything back up and running right away.”

You might be curious to know how Wil chose Application2U as his cloud hosting solution.  He told us that he had initially looked into another company when he started realizing his needs were going to be changing and that he needed greater accessibility of his files. This company that he was looking into was far more expensive. “The pricing would have been 7-8 times more expensive, when it was just me, and I knew I was going to have the need to have other people working with me; it would’ve been too cost prohibitive to go with them.” Thankfully for Wil (and for us!), a colleague of his had used Applications2U, and suggested that he see what we could do for him.

We asked if Wil had a friend or colleague that needed services we provide, what would he tell them. His answer was pretty clear:

“I was just talking with someone recently about that, actually. This person had a similar issue to what I’d had before I told them that Applications2U delivers on what they said they’d have as far as actual services – they’ve been available when I’ve needed them, they’ve been responsive, and they’ve successfully delivered on their product. There wasn’t any kind of bait and switch. Up front pricing, up front on what capabilities were, how things were going to work – and very helpful as far as getting things set up in a timely fashion. It wasn’t like they said yeah, we can work together and then it was a month before you heard from them again.”

Are you interested in how we can apply our services to your specific business needs? Send us a message, or give us a call!  We’re happy to show you our solution and see if it’s a fit for your business.