Client Feature: SFS Tax and Accounting Services

SFS Tax and Accounting Services Thrilled about Applications2U Virtual Desktop

SFS Tax and Accounting Services, a Florida-based full service tax and accounting firm, has 2 Florida offices and clients all across the country. It’s safe to say they have little time for problems with their data and servers.  That is why, after years of poor customer service with their previous hosting company, SFS decided to take their hosting needs to Applications2U in October of 2013. Jeffrey Schneider, principal at SFS, is thrilled with his decision.

SFS Tax and Accounting Services“On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give Applications2U a 30,” raved Schneider, an Enrolled Agent and National Tax Practice Institute Fellow with over 35 years in the field. “[Our service is] never down, and their support has been top notch—they even answered a request of mine at 10 o’clock at night.”

Applications2U’s calling card of 24/7/365 support is not just a sales pitch—this dedication to customers is what sets Applications2U apart from its competitors.

Schneider and SFS chose the Pittsburgh-based Applications2U out of a dozen other hosting providers across the country.  “We Googled what we were looking for, narrowed it down, did phone interviews, and saw demos,” says Schneider. “We talked to (Vice President of Sales and Marketing) Mike Esposito from Applications2U and we liked both what he told us they could do, and how he told us they could do it. The migration to Applications2U was seamless”

Applications2U provides SFS with a Citrix Virtual Desktop Solution, and its corresponding support, a solution that makes the SFS data available from anywhere on any device, and keeps all the files safe and secure. “I can access the same desktop experience through my iPad so I don’t need to carry my laptop around with me,” Schneider says. “I was at a conference the other day and a client asked me to access his December financials. Rather than having to go upstairs and get my laptop, I pulled it up on my iPad right there and I easily sent off the information he needed. It made me look real good!”

At the same conference, the Florida Society of Enrolled Agents, Schneider was even showing off the Applications2U virtual desktop to other agents, via his iPad. “I don’t recommend a product unless I really like it.  Usually I’ll just give them the pros and cons and let them decide for themselves. But this, I’ll recommend, “Schneider said of Applications2U. “I highly recommend the company. They’ve done everything I’ve asked, the price is reasonable, the product is great and I’ve had no problems.”

Whether you’re new to the Virtual Desktop game and you want to be able to access your important files from any device, or you’re tired of constant errors, poor customer service and slow support from your current provider, Applications2U has the right solution for you. Fill out the form at the right or call us toll free at 888-631-2231 for your complimentary proof of concept.