Client Feature: Rachel K. Iverson, P.C.

Rachel-K-Iverson-LogoWe’d like to introduce you to Jamie Allen from Rachel K. Iverson, P.C., a current customer of Applications2U. Jamie is the closing manager for the Rachel K. Iverson law firm, which specializes in residential property closings. Her position dictates that Jamie is hands-on with all of the documents needed to facilitate the closings for their clients. She uses many different software programs and needs access to a large number of files simultaneously.

Rachel’s practice had historically operated in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting. When Rachel began travelling more often for the business, the other staff members were still going into the office every day. They began to realize how expensive this was becoming; they were spending a lot of money on rent, even when the attorney wasn’t present. Cue the idea to work from home: the settlement company with whom RKI is partnered, recommended a cloud provider, and off they went into the cloud.

Their initial trip into the cloud didn’t fly the way they’d hoped. “It was a constant struggle,” says Jamie. “The printer wouldn’t work. It would work one day but not the next.  There was never any rhyme or reason. I once spent a month without a scanner because the previous cloud provider couldn’t get it fixed.” Because the RPI team was new to working from home, they simply didn’t realize how different cloud providers can be, or that there were better options.

It became clear fairly quickly that the “cloud idea” wasn’t going to work for the team if they continued with this first cloud provider. Rachel is tech-savvy and likes to keep ahead of everybody else technologically – her website keeps clients in touch with all of their documents and with everything they need via a highly secure, up to date website. With their initial cloud provider, everything was a headache.  That’s when they switched to Applications2U.

“I wish we had switched sooner,” Jamie says. “Applications2U was on top of things from the beginning, and they still are. With the old company, it would take 2-3 days for them to respond to anything. If something needed to be fixed quicker than that, I’d have to get on the phone with them and start getting mean. I don’t want to be mean and with Applications2U, I don’t have to be.”

Since switching, Jamie has found that Applications2U is quick with responding, even if something isn’t urgent. Now she has the freedom to take her laptop and work from anywhere: from home, on vacation, from the coffee shop. That wouldn’t have been possible had it not have been from the help of Applications2U.  Jamie also noted that Applications2U handled the previous issues with hardware installations, specifically printers, with ease.

In addition to their great tech support, Jamie loves that everything she needs to work on is all in one, centralized place. She can access all of her documents, forms, applications, and more without having to minimize windows or go back and forth between her local computer and the virtual desktop. They’re all right there, in the same place. Jamie would enthusiastically recommend Applications2U to other organizations.

“One of the hardest things to remedy is a tech issue when you work from home. I think a lot of places are leaning towards working remotely in some form or fashion. I – on more than one occasion – have had to do Google searches to figure out how to fix and troubleshoot problems myself.  This wasn’t fun at all. Applications2U has fixed every single problem quickly. No need to Google tech issues any more.  I don’t have a complaint about Applications2U at all. All I had with the other company was complaints. I’ve already told people, stay away from that other company and go with Applications2U.”

If you’ve experienced issues with other cloud providers, or even if you’d just like to see how our services can benefit you, let us know. We’re happy to give you a competitive quote or provide  access to our free trial, just call 1-888-631-2231.