Client Feature: Kattan Ferretti Insurance

Kattan Ferretti Insurance Saves on IT Costs and Gains Data Safety and Remote Accessibility

kattan-ferretti-insuranceThe nature of work within an insurance agency requires a big emphasis on keeping sensitive client data safe, as well as allowing employees to work remotely.  These were among the major reasons Kattan Ferretti Insurance, provider of over 10,000 insurance policies, decided to join Applications2U for cloud hosting and IT support.

“Prior to joining the cloud, we were having network issues on some of our insurance related apps,” says Richard Cassidy, president of Kattan Ferretti. “It was everything from outages, to problems maintaining the workspace, problems looking for alternative policies. And this was happening daily. Switching to the Applications2U cloud eliminated this problem.”

Kattan Ferretti is the largest agent of Erie Insurance Group in the Pittsburgh region, and they have no time for glitches in either their insurance software or their IT environment. Since switching to Appliations2U in August of 2013, Cassidy and has noticed a marked difference in reliability, as well as some additional benefits. “As far as security, [Applications2U’s] backing power is better than what we had,” says Cassidy.  “Even if you’re not having security problems, switching was worth it for the added security [of our data]…And being on the cloud is also beneficial because it allows people to work from anywhere—any of our locations, our new office, on vacation—our office is always available in the cloud.”

The agency recently acquired another branch, and they are currently in the process of migrating their new office to the cloud.  Cassidy commended Applications2U’s dedication to making sure the individualized cloud hosting solution is glitch-free. “Application2U was devoted to fixing any glitches, and they’re able to prevent problems remotely without having to come all the way out to look at hardware or local networks on site,” he says.  “As with implementing any new technology, there are always glitches, but Applications2U works over-night to make sure that everything is operational by business time the next morning.”

Applications2U is able to save Kattan Ferretti money in a number of ways, both by replacing the need for desktop operating systems, and by providing IT support.  The agency decided to switch from desktop computers to thin clients, which allows users to replace physical computer towers with less expensive, highly reliable hardware, and Cassidy was pleased with the savings.  “Replacing an old computer with a new computer can cost around a thousand dollars,” he says. “A Thin client cost is in the $200 range.  And since I no longer need to have my own server, I know I will save money by never having to replace a server.” As far as IT and tech support, there is a noticeable difference in cost that Cassidy says is reason alone to use Applications2U.  “With Applications2U’s structured, recurring monthly fee, I can set my limit and know what to expect from my IT costs.  Before turning to Applications2U, I never knew what to expect [from my IT Costs] —I could have ended up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on server maintenance and there is no way to predict that.”

Whether you are experiencing uptime issues with your proprietary software, or if you wish to beef up your server security without breaking the bank, or if you’re looking for ways to save on computer upgrading costs or even on your annual IT expenditures, Applications2U has the right solution for you.  Click here for a free proof of concept of how Applications2U can help your company.