Client Feature: JBM Insurance Group

Applications2U Gives Independent Agency Competitive Advantage

JBM Insurance Group LogoBusiness is all about the customer. They’re the most important person in the room. At Applications2U (A2U), we understand this and are dedicated to improving customer satisfaction for your business – leveraging the A2U Cloud with the agility, mobility and flexibility required in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.

James B. Murdoch Insurance Group, an independent insurance agency, had a problem familiar to many companies: Customer service. Their customers wanted increased efficiency and speed in every aspect of the experience, according to Jim Murdoch, President of JBM Insurance Group.

For over 25 years, JBM Insurance Group has been a highly respected provider dedicated to the customer, but limits in remote accessibility had become an issue as the world became more mobile. “I wanted to be able to set the bar for outstanding customer service,” says Murdoch. “As workforce mobility became a common practice, I knew we had to amp up our service to remain current.” So, Murdoch did what every technology-minded business professional does best. He turned to technology to solve the problem. Specifically, he turned to cloud hosting at A2U.

Murdoch decided JBM Insurance Group should make the upgrade to the A2U Cloud by weighing factors such as cost, security requirements, the need for agility, and scalability. This business development process has led to the creation of an entirely mobile, scalable and secure custom-tailored, cloud-empowered environment for JBM Insurance Group.

“The A2U Cloud was an easy, cost effective way to access our data 24/7/365. Having our agents respond to customer feedback in real time, preserved and improved customer retention and trust,” says Murdoch. “A2U was paramount in helping us achieve our IT business goals.”

JBM Insurance Group has full access to all of their applications any time, anywhere. “I take the JBM Insurance Group office with me, wherever I go. Being able to meet our customers at their place of business has been unmatched in establishing long-lasting relationships and improving latency.”

“I wasn’t looking for small gains. I was looking for a game-changer. The combination of the A2U Cloud and our internal systems was a homerun,” says Murdoch. For JBM Insurance Group, moving to the cloud delivered benefits that have saved money and has enabled his employees to be more nimble and responsive.

The experience of the JBM Insurance Group is representative of where many leading organizations stand when it comes to cloud computing. They increasingly see the A2U Cloud as a means of transforming the IT operation – and the business units it supports.

According to Dan Dillman, President/CEO of A2U, companies are changing the way they envision the cloud. The cloud goes beyond simply a “cost-saver”. It’s also the elastic, scalable and self-service nature of the A2U Cloud, which can deliver big gains for an organization.

At A2U, we believe that workforce mobility and cloud computing are collectively one solution. As such, having a successful mobility solution requires a proven cloud platform. A2U customers get the best of both solutions. We provide an enterprise cloud solution for hosting your corporate applications and desktops, regardless of the device; PC, Tablet, MAC or Smartphone.

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