Client Feature: Indiana Regional Medical Center

Indiana Regional Medical Center Recommends Applications2U for Healthcare IT Consulting

Indiana Regional Medical CenterApplications2U is currently providing a variety of IT consulting and solutions to a number of hospitals and healthcare providers.  One such customer is Indiana Regional Medical Center, located in Indiana, PA.  Applications2U is a trusted advisor to Indiana RMC, helping them keep their Citrix Platform up to date, making sure Citrix is meeting the needs of their users, and providing guidance and input about how to best integrate Citrix with other parts of their IT. We recently had an opportunity to interview Indiana RMC’s IT Director Nick Brunetto about his experiences with Applications2U.

Q: What has Applications2U done to help Indiana Regional Medical Center’s IT?

A: They upgraded our Citrix XenApp platform to the most up-to-date version. We had been using a very old version and they were able to get us up to date very easily.

Q: How did you come to know about Applications2U? Why were they your choice for this service?

A: They came highly recommended for healthcare. They understand the workflow between doctors, nurses and others in the profession. Our Citrix representative told us we should go to them because they have a lot of experience in the field.

Q: What does the Citrix environment do for Indiana Regional Medical Center?

A: It allows physicians in different offices who need access to our internal system to log on and get the information they need.  They can get this access anywhere they need it, even at home, or on an iPad. That’s all because of Citrix.

Q: Would you recommend Applications2U to other healthcare organizations?

A: I would recommend them. I actually have. When we need them for support, it’s there.  They understand healthcare and what we need.  We use a very proprietary software, and they are familiar with it, and they can and have given us solutions.

Q: Do have any plans to utilize Applications2U for help in more aspects of your technology?

A: We do. The next thing we’re working to get is XenDesktop.

If you’re looking for IT, cost-saving, or remote access solutions, Applicaations2U can help you, whether you’re working in the healthcare industry or not.  For a complimentary Proof of Concept of what Applications2U can do for your specific organization, fill out this form or call us toll free at 1-888-631-2231.