Why you should be excited about the Citrix X1 Receiver

The next generation of Citrix access portals is finally here with the technology preview of the Citrix X1 Receiver portal. What is X1? X1 is actually a group of technologies that Citrix is working on to bring unification of the user experience across all devices, browsers, and access methods. The first piece of this technology puzzle to be released is the X1 Storefront access portal. In the long run, the X1 line looks to include updates to Receiver, NetScaler, XenMobile, and even a revolutionary mouse (yes, that ubiquitous interface device we all seem to shun for touch screens and track pads).

The X1 foray will bring the user client experience back into one unified experience. No longer will you have WorxHome for your mobile devices and Receiver for your desktop types as these will move back into one unified delivery solution – the X1 Receiver. With the X1 interface, your user experience is defined on the server side. Yes – that is right – the user experience comes from your data center. You can decide how it changes, and when it changes, no matter your client. Now you can have a consistent interface across all of the platforms you support.

In addition to hosting the UI, you can now customize it with color schemes and logos to suit your environment. The customization with X1 is built-in – so, unlike the “hacks” that  were often implemented to customize the Web Interface of yesteryear, these will be supportable and allow base software to be upgraded around them without the need to recreate the changes.


Storefront X1 is currently available from Citrix as a technology preview. For assistance in deploying this state-of-the-art user access portal, please contact Applications2U’s IT Consulting team at 888-631-2231 today!

Submitted by David Hall
David Hall is Applications2U’s Senior Technical Architect. A native of Marshall County, West Virginia and a graduate of Sage College of Albany, Hall has 13 years of work in the IT field, including 10 years of that time spent working within healthcare IT. Along with his experience, Hall brings commitment and dedication to excellence in his work.