The Many Faces of the Cloud

“What is the cloud?” The answers are generally varied, it’s dropbox, it’s Amazon, it’s Google Docs, it’s on my iPhone. This got us thinking…what are the many faces of the cloud. First there are two distinct types of clouds – public cloud and private cloud, so let’s start there.

Applications2U Featured On TechVibe and JumpStart 180

We enjoyed being a part of the The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s radio show TechVibe. Hosts Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting interview local entrepreneurs, business leaders and stakeholders behind the Pittsburgh region’s fast-moving technology industry.

Device Technology Gives Virtual Desktops A Boost

With new devices like Surface and existing ones like iPad, Kindle Fire, and Galaxy Note the need for a company’s employees to access desktop-based software applications like the Microsoft Office Suite on the go is giving virtual desktop applications a bump in priority.

Keeping Data Secure In The Cloud

One of the most common fears we hear from business owners about moving to the cloud is, “Will the cloud protect my data, especially in the case of fire, flooding, or smoke damage?” And our response is that the cloud is one of the safest places for your data. We compare it to taking the money you are hiding under the mattress and moving it to a bank.

Is Your IT Director Missing The Cloud Technology Boat?

It’s a common story these days at a growing company, the IT director is running around the office putting out technology fires all day. Their day is filled with purchasing hardware, monitoring server usage, setting up new employees, checking on the security of data, providing customer support, and so on.

Applications2U on Microsoft Surface

We put together a video showing how our customers can launch the Applications2U Virtual Desktop as well as applications like GiftWorks Anywhere on the Surface tablet. The video also walks through some of the cool features that come with owning a Surface.

Corner Office in the Clouds – Virtualizing Your Office

Getting a corner office up in the clouds has a whole new meaning these days.  More and more business owners are utilizing cloud technology to gain mobility and cut technology costs.  But, how do you know if a virtual office is right for your small business? 5 reasons to virtualize your office Reduce Costs: the…

Can Small Companies Use Big Company Cloud Technology?

In a word, yes.  The fact that small companies can have a similar IT infrastructure to a large company is one of the beauties of cloud-based IT solutions.  Cloud technology is a more than burgeoning industry; it’s an explosive growth industry.  And we know that because we are in the industry, but head on down to…