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BYOD Healthcare: Simplifying Care for Any Hospital or Medical Group

In 2014, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is continuing to be a huge trend within most areas of work.  After all, BYOD makes life easier—it allows employees to work with devices with which they are already comfortable. Such a solution frees these employees from the constraints of working from a fixed location and lowers cost and risk associated with buying and loaning out company devices.

This trend of BYOD is something that can be very beneficial within hospitals and other areas related to healthcare.  Hospitals and medical facilities utilizing BYOD no longer have to worry about constantly updating software and hardware for numerous computers within medical facilities. With BYOD, doctors and practitioners can access patient information from every patient room, office, and lab, as well as off-site, all from the up-to-date, familiar comfort of their own devices.

With all of these upsides to implementing a BYOD initiative, why do more hospitals and practices not make use of BYOD?  The answer is that BYOD can bring about many safety, security, and even legality issues that form barriers to deploying BYOD within the healthcare community. There are many restrictions and safety concerns regarding the types of files that are accessed within healthcare, namely based around the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, more commonly known as HIPAA.  Many doctors and hospitals believe that HIPAA makes it too difficult, or even illegal to access patient information using a personal device, and in most cases, they are correct.  However, the key to overcoming these obstacles does exist, and Applications2U has the solution—Citrix XenMobile.

XenMobile is a Citrix Mobile Device Management solution that makes it easy to meet the compliance for both personal and corporate-liable devices without restricting mobility. With XenMobile, all data and programs are hosted and running on a secure server, rather than on the individual devices themselves.  This makes the information even more secure, because all of the sensitive files and information exist and run in a safe, central location. XenMobile frees users from the bounds of working from a device at a fixed location allows approved users to access secure documents, web portals, and emails, all from their own devices.

XenMobile can provide BYOD solutions for any type of business.  However, the healthcare field is very complex, and much like the education field, it contains many more legal nuances and restrictions that must be attended to in order to allow healthcare professionals to utilize BYOD.  That is where the experience of the Applications2U team comes into play. Unlike other mobile solutions providers, who must learn the subtleties of dealing with a healthcare client as they attempt to implement their solutions, the Applications2U team is already familiar with navigating and overcoming these obstacles. Here at Applications2U, we have a combined 20 years of Citrix experience in healthcare. Applications2U has provided IT solutions to many hospitals, including Applications2U BYOD HealthcareUPMC, Indiana Regional Medical Center, Allegheny Health Network, Ephrata Hospital, and Summit Health, along with many others. We have a clear track record of experience and expertise specifically within the medical field, and we are excited by the opportunity of bringing the convenience and functionality of BYOD to even more hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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