Benefits to entering the cloud

Our CEO/President, Dan Dillman, recently authored an article for the Pittsburgh Business Times. Below is a preview of the article and a link to read the full piece on the Pittsburgh Business Times website.

Benefits to entering the cloud

Many companies have made the switch over to cloud computing. Others are on the fence, and still others have not yet considered it because they do not know all the ways in which cloud computing can benefit them.

Here are some of the top benefits of moving to the cloud:

Workforce mobility

Twenty-four-hour access to email, phone lines and the Internet has broken down the barriers between work and daily life. In keeping with this trend, cloud computing allows for around-the-clock access to corporate files and applications from anywhere, using any device.

Slash technology costs

Cloud computing reduces the costs of purchasing infrastructure, such as servers, backup drives and even new computers, because the cloud provider handles all the storage of files on their high-end servers. It also eliminates the need for companies to employ on-site IT personnel, or to contract IT support from an outside vendor.

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