Benefits of Cloud Computing for Education

Students can take advantage of a BYOD optionStudent-studying-on-mobile-device

The number of students carrying mobile devices has increased dramatically as technology has plunged forward. According to this article, a study done recently at Ball State University indicated that the percentage of students carrying cell phones is up to 73% (from 27% in 2009). Imagine if these students were able to access lesson plans, work on their coursework, and download school textbooks to their mobile devices? We could greatly reduce waste, eliminate unnecessary paperwork, and even reduce costs to students.

Less upkeep at labs where students do work/testing etc

Technology costs a lot of money. Keeping programs up to date, making sure licensing is accurate, and maintaining current hardware to keep up with the demands of life at the pace we’re currently living all adds up to a lot of expense. Not to mention the costs to keep people there for any instances where something goes wrong and needs to be dealt with by a lab tech. In a school setting, even more than in a traditional business setting, the need to keep costs as low as possible is felt throughout all levels of the organization.

students-using-devicesIn a computer lab for a school, where standardized/state testing might also need to be done, the upkeep is even more at a premium. If the technology isn’t functioning to its specifications, it can impede the ability of the tests to be performed, which would throw out an entirely different set of subsequent issues.

Gives teachers access to be able to WFH (work from home) to finish up assignments, grading, and planning

Teachers often have days that start well before the first bell rings and last long after. Despite that fact, that extra time isn’t always enough for them to complete the many tasks they perform during the day, which include but are not limited to: grading tests & homework assignments; coming up with course curricula; writing quizzes and tests; entering grades for students; and so much more. Given the opportunity to access all of these things from the comfort of their home would afford them the ability to complete the tasks at a time most convenient to them. A happy classroom starts with happy teachers!

Imagine where the possibilities could lead…

Remember having a pen pal as a child? That helped foster a unique kind of social relationship in our upbringing…can you imagine being able to not only communicate with someone from far away, but also to collaborate with them, in real time, and combining the education of people from completely different backgrounds?

The future of education could lead people to totally new ways of approaching problems, research methods that might never before have been considered, and the ability to solve complex issues in dramatically simplified ways. It could be the educational equivalent of how kids have it easy these days; the learning version of how we had to walk uphill in the snow both ways. Think about how far knowledge seekers might advance with the use of technology, only able to access it because of cost advantages the cloud can provide.