Why Join the Applications2U Cloud: Cost Savings

Why Join the Applications2U Cloud: Cost Savings


The Applications2U (A2U) cloud offers numerous benefits with regards to accessibility, safety, and performance, but many people who are considering switching their data over to the cloud are apprehensive because they fear this type of switch could be very expensive.  This could not be further from the truth.  The A2U cloud can actually save your organization a lot of money by eliminating expenses both on cost of upgrading hardware and on the cost of IT support.

One of the major benefits of switching to the A2U cloud is a huge savings on the high cost of software licensing, and the large amount of time it takes to update systems.  In the conventional computing model, computers must be outfitted with software like Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange in order to make the computers function as needed for business. Licensing these products alone can cost thousands of dollars. But the biggest problem is the upkeep and the turnover.  Software updates need to be installed regularly to help keep these programs functioning properly.  What’s worse is that software companies are always releasing, newer, more up-to-date versions of the software, and you end up being frustrated that you’re paying thousands of dollars to license dated software.

With the A2U cloud, maintenance and upgrades are included in what we do, and you will never have to do any manual upgrading.  Subscribing to the cloud replaces the need to license and manage business software Beyond that, all of the programs and applications that you run will reside on our centralized servers rather than your physical computers. This means we will routinely manage the installation of patches and upgrades, and when new versions of the software become available, we upgrade the software on your behalf.  Beyond saving you from licensing costs and headaches of manually installing upgrades, it also saves you countless IT man hours, since there will no longer be a need to install software and run upgrades on every individual computer your company owns.

Switching to the A2U cloud can also save your organization a significant amount of money on hardware and hardware upgrades. Purchasing desktop computers or laptops for your office is an expensive endeavor, and setting up the computers is also extremely time-consuming. Beyond that, much like software, computers quickly become obsolete, and performance deteriorates with age, as memory fills up and the computers undergo the wear and tear of daily use.

With the A2U cloud, you can extend the life of your existing computers, or even allow your employees the comfort and familiarity of using their own personal devices in the office (BYOD).  Because the A2U cloud stores applications, desktops and files on remote servers, the exact same computing experience can be accessed from any device.  This means that the physical computers in your office, no matter how old, can be connected to the same up-to-date computing experience through the cloud. Since none of the data is stored on these devices, it doesn’t even matter if they die or break—your employees can simply boot up another computer and resume exactly where they left off.  The same principle applies to BYOD.  Your employees’ personal laptops, tablets and even smart phones can easily be set up to allow them access to the same cloud computing experience, meaning that there is no longer any need at all to buy a set of office computers.

These are just a few examples of the cost savings that switching to the A2U cloud will offer to your company.  You will also save on the cost of server maintenance, storage capacity and backup drives and tapes, not to mention the cost and man hours of IT service and support. To learn about how A2U can save you money while meeting your data needs, fill out the form at the right side of your page.