A2U Announces Partnership with PacketViper

Partnership integrates transformative security layer to reduce security risks on the market

Applications2U (A2U), a premiere IT Consulting and Cloud Hosting Provider located in Pittsburgh, PA, has partnered with PacketViper LLC to offer clients the opportunity to significantly strengthen network security and performance by adding geography-based Internet Protocol (IP) filtering to their network infrastructure. The PacketViper solution adds an extra layer of security and performance to a network without interfering with the existing layers.

PacketViper’s engineers have developed a unique, highly configurable, and granular filtering appliance that filters countries at the port level bi-directionally, stopping unwanted network traffic before it ever enters the client’s network. Whereas it is not possible, or extremely difficult to achieve country-level blocking with firewall or routing appliances due to complex access lists, PacketViper’s proprietary solution filters a country, region, or territory easily and with minimal effort. A2U recognizes the importance of properly deploying technology security and increasing network performance while minimizing user disruption and speeding the delivery time to full network protection.

Dan Dillman, President / CEO of A2U stated, “PacketViper has taken a clear leadership position by investing in the advancement and future of the security landscape. We are excited to partner with PacketViper. This solution provides clients with a powerful security posture, reduced bandwidth requirements, and improved performance at the network edge.”

Any business looking for better security and increased network performance will benefit from the PacketViper product. Every installation is tuned to the client’s particular needs. PacketViper’s products and solutions apply to a wide variety of industries from financial institutions and banks to medical healthcare practices.

For more information, visit a2u.imagebox.site.