A2U Partners with Security Leader Palo Alto Networks

Partnership focused on delivering innovative threat prevention and firewall solutions that enable greater visibility and control over network data and applications

Applications2U (A2U), a premiere IT Consulting and Cloud Hosting Provider located in Pittsburgh, PA, has partnered with Palo Alto Networks to deliver a highly reliable and transparent threat prevention solution that enables unprecedented visibility into, and granular policy control over, network applications and content.

A2U was recently named one of Palo Alto Networks technology vendors under the latter company’s Technology Partner Program. The combination of the Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewall with A2U’s technical expertise allows for full threat prevention with no reduction in reliability.

“Enterprise IT organizations view us as an essential vendor in their network and so it’s incumbent upon us to continue collaborating with our industry’s best-in-class vendors to ensure that customers can reap the most from their network security investments,” said Dan Dillman, Chief Executive Officer / President at A2U. “We are confident that the solution offerings resulting from our partnership with Palo Alto Networks will address the needs of diverse enterprise infrastructures and security requirements out there.”

“Enterprise and service providers require more visibility into the traffic traversing their networks now more than ever, because of the exponential growth of network communications driven by an increasingly mobile workforce,” said Dillman. “With this partnership, we will continue to deliver pervasive traffic visibility for the physical and virtual world. The combination of Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewalls with A2U’s technical expertise can greatly accelerate the threat detection process.”

In a high-availability environment, the loss of a single device or power source can jeopardize network connectivity. The challenge IT managers face is adding a network security device to protect the network without introducing additional points of potential failure. Palo Alto Networks can deploy its next-generation firewalls in a completely transparent, layer-1 mode, while still providing full protection. With A2U, the Palo Alto Networks award-winning products can be connected, removed, or upgraded without any impact to the in-line link traffic.

A2U would like to introduce you to Palo Alto Networks, an innovative new security company providing award-winning next generation firewalls for enterprise IT organizations. Please note that these are not just ordinary port-blocking firewalls. Palo Alto Networks has set a new standard for firewalls by delivering a family of purpose-built platforms integrating three patent-pending technologies:

  • App-ID Technology – provides visibility into more than 850 applications traversing the network, regardless of port, protocol, or evasive tactic. It even identifies encrypted SSL applications.
  • User-ID Technology – integrates with Microsoft Active Directory to identify the specific users of every applications.
  • Content-ID Technology – prevents a wide range of threats, blocks unauthorized file transfers and controls web surfing.

These capabilities are combined with granular policy controls and graphical management tools to give IT organizations management tools that give IT organizations unprecedented visibility and control of all network traffic.

Just as important, these breakthrough firewalls deliver throughput of up to 10Gbps with very low latency. This unique combination of technology innovation and platform performance helped Palo Alto Networks win the Interop 2008 Best of Show award for innovation.

It’s time to fix the firewall and restore its position in the network as a powerful security solution. Palo Alto Networks has done that, and today the company’s products are installed in hundreds of organizations worldwide. If you’re ready to replace your existing firewall, we encourage you to consider a reaching out to your A2U Account Representative to discuss next generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks.

For more information, visit a2u.imagebox.site.